Finding Peace

Jeremie Kubicek

Executive Chairman & Founder

Jeremie Kubicek is an author, speaker, thought leader, and content creator for all things leadership and living intentionally. You can find his work in books and embedded in Google, Microsoft, US Air Force, and more. An inspirer and equipper of leaders in over 115 countries, Jeremie’s talks offer moving stories, humor, and practical takeaways that go beyond the event itself. His goal is for every attendee to walk away feeling encouraged and full of hope.

Something that was normal for me growing up, which I later realized is not normal for other people

I grew up in a family where we worked unusually long hours because of our flower shops, rent houses, and farm. My friends could never comprehend because we were not 9-5 people.

What normal means to me


More about Jeremie

  • Jeremie has lived in Moscow, Atlanta and London.
  • He trained his three kids to start a business by their 15th birthday.
  • He has started 29 companies to date.
  • He played harmonica in a blues band in Russia and has been an executive producer for musicals off Broadway.
  • He and his wife co-developed the Prairie at Post and are building a wedding venue currently.