Community Values

Kori Hall

Storyteller & Community Advocate

Kori Hall is a community advocate and storyteller located in Oklahoma City. Her background is social work, specializing in services to those experiencing homelessness in the community. Her main focuses are community development and wraparound services for individuals experiencing chronic homeless. She is currently on staff at Frontline Church Downtown, as the Director for City Engagement.

Kori previously worked with City Care at the OKC Dayshelter as an intensive housing advocate for the Journey Home program. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for City Care OKC and Restore OKC. She also is a member of the Oklahoma City MAPS 4 Community subcommittee. She is also a spoken word artist and public speaker who uses creative arts and storytelling to advocate for local issues.

She hopes to equip community members with the tools they need to bring change to their cities, one neighborhood at a time.

Something that was normal for me growing up, which I later realized is not normal for other people

I had my high school prom in a German castle built in 1764.

What normal means to me

It indicates typical actions, mundane life, regular habit.

More about Kori

  • Kori was born in California and grew up in Texas and Germany.
  • She used to play bucket drums as a part of her job.
  • You can usually find Kori reading, writing, or conversing in local coffee shops.
  • Kori would rather have two dozen hobbies that she’s really good at, than one that she is great at.
  • Kori is equally obsessed with both Broadway musicals and late 90’s hip hop.