Les Thomas Sr.

Author, Community Activist, Emcee & Master Mentor

Les Thomas Sr. is an Oklahoma native and retired veteran who honorably served in the United States Air Force for over 20 years. Outside of the military, Les made a career as a traveling motivational speaker and notable musical artist, and has been featured in three of the top five Hip Hop magazines: The Source, Hype Magazine, and Urban Magazine. During football and basketball seasons, you can catch Les on the microphone at Oklahoma State University games hyping up as many as 60,000 people. He is known as a staple in his community.

Les spends most of his time working to impact the next generation. He’s an Area Director for Youth For Christ and works to provide a foundation for and help shape the futures of teenagers. With a huge heart for the community, Les can often be found in the mix of community events serving with a smile. Recently, Les received a Citation of Service from State Representatives.

Les is a Co-Founder of Hope Culture LLC, an organization that helps bring hope to the community of OKC by providing resources to community partners making a tremendous impact. During COVID, they raised enough money to provide over 6,000 meals to those in need.

Les continues to reside in Oklahoma City, and will tell you that his greatest accomplishment is his family. He and Mary, his wife of 22 beautiful years, have two amazing children together. Their son, Les, is 23 and is completing his Masters at OSU. Their daughter, Leilah, is 20 in her sophomore year at Oklahoma State University. In his spare time, Les enjoys fishing, cooking out, and vacationing with his family.

Something that was normal for me growing up, which I later realized is not normal for other people

Being around people of color. Demographics where I grew up displayed no racism and there was a sense of pride being black. When I transferred to Millwood High School and started encountering smaller towns, I quickly learned that for “some” it wasn’t cool to be black. I had no idea racism existed until I was in middle school.

What normal means to me

Boring. I’ve always said that being normal is boring. Normal people play it safe. Risk takers change the world.

I can spin it as well and say that everyone’s normal looks different. What’s strange to some may be normal to others. Perspective is everything.

More about Les

  • Les grew up in a house full of musicians, and his first love was being a drummer.
  • Fishing and BBQing is his hobby and mental getaway.
  • Les gave his 1976 Firebird his mother’s nickname, Molly Anne.
  • Blue is his favorite color.