Perry James Lott

Public Speaker, Motivator & Minister

What would you do if you were sentenced to serve 300 hundred years in prison for a crime that you did not commit? This is a question Perry Lott has had to face. In March of 1988, in Ada, Oklahoma, he was found guilty of the rape and robbery of a young woman despite no physical evidence of his guilt. He was sentenced to 300 years in prison. Perry spent 31 years in prison before the Innocence Project secured his release in July of 2018. Today, Perry works to mentor young men and help them mature into responsible adult men. He shares his story of wrongful incarceration in his autobiography The Root, the Fruit, and the Dirt: Innocent Man Freed, which was released in 2022.

Something that was normal for me growing up, which I later realized is not normal for other people

Having roaches and mice in the home, and being poor.

What normal means to me

Acceptable. Comfortable. Agreeable.

More about Perry

  • Perry is about 6 feet tall, instinctive, interested, artistic, and poetic.
  • He considers himself educated in the world’s most expensive school: experience.