Courtland Warren

Re:Member – When a City Believes a Lie

Public Speaker

With over 10,000 hours logged, Courtland Warren is an authentic and relevant thought leader and master facilitator in large group awareness training. On stage, he looms as an intriguing combination of power, humor, and empathy. Courtland’s certitude stems from his stated purpose, “to make new the thoughts of people about what they are capable of being”. Born and raised in Idabel, Oklahoma, he saw education as a path to experiencing more of the world. With this view, Courtland has blazed a trail from his neighborhood Main St., to Johannesburg, South Africa; London, U.K.; and across North America leveraging intelligence, charisma, and voice. No matter the size of the audience Courtland knows each person listens and hears as an individual and has an uncanny ability to connect. Courtland studied organizational behavior and graduated from Oklahoma State University. After a short stint in the oil and gas industry, he was inspired by the need for diversity and inclusion in corporate America and has added value to industry titans Coca-Cola, UPS, GE, Williams, Kimberly Clark, and Chick-fil-A. Almost 15 years ago, Courtland decided to “hang a shingle” as a transformational speaker and workshop facilitator and is today a pertinent contributor to empowering people to raise their resilience quotient in order to live a meaningful life. 

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